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The Sight Unseen Case - Generation II by Mark Strivings

The Sight Unseen Case - Generation II by Mark Strivings


The original Sight Unseen Case has become one of THE standard devices for the working mentalist and magicians the world over. The Sight Unseen Case is still the most innocent and normal in appearance of any case on the market. The uses for this incredible device are too numerous to mention. It is capable of more different utility functions than any other case of its type anywhere in the world, period. Well, now there's even more...

Now, there's Generation II. Thanks to a marvelously simple idea from my friend, Lee Marelli, the horizons of the Sight Unseen Case can go farther than ever before.

What's new, you ask? Well, we've added two simple (and completely normal) pockets to the inside of the case. That's it. This may not seem like much, but when I showed the Generation II (and just one of the new possibilities of it) to my good friend Lee Earle when it first came out, his eyebrows raised and he said, "Now that's very interesting." Let me tease you with just a couple of possibilities. What if... could show your spectator a folded slip of paper in your business card case. They name any single digit number. You now remove the folded slip and, written on it is the exact number they had named. have your spectator name any one of the ESP symbols and you then show it to be written on the only folded slip of paper in your business card case. have a spectator name any playing card and you show that there is a single miniature playing card in your business card case -- it's their card. could interchange various effects possible with the case right in front of your audience without raising any suspicion whatsoever. could do all of the above (and so much more) without any pocket work, extra hidden indexes or nail writing. All while completely surrounded, close-up or on stage.

Virtually everything that's possible with the original Sight Unseen Case is possible with Generation II. You can still **nail (or boon) write, do billet switches, load and unload billets, peek and glimpse, double write, hold out billets**, and so much more. 'Mechanically' speaking, the Generation II works exactly the same way as the original Sight Unseen Case. The two extra pockets make all of the above possible, plus allow for more storage in the case, which in turn allows for more versatility. This opens up a whole new vista of possibilities for a case which is already the most versatile in the world.

Your Sight Unseen Case - Generation II comes with a 20-page manual that contains the entire text of the original Sight Unseen Case manual, as well as the basics for the effects described above, plus much more.

There's no other case like it in the world (except, of course, the original Sight Unseen Case) and this is a device you will use. For a device as versatile, as well made, as cunningly simple, as devilishly clever, as easy to use and as elegantly innocent, this is the bargain of a lifetime!

" of the very few devices I carry with me everywhere I go. And it's one of the essential gimmicks I recommend to all Mentalists."
- Bob Cassidy

" of the top ten creations ever for the working mentalist."
- Docc Hilford

"...simply the best. It has been with me on a daily basis. It has never left my side and never will."
- Garrett Thomas

"For walk around, there is not a more well designed tool. It is the ultimate wallet to use in combination with pocket writing."
- Banachek

"...a masterpiece."
- Marc Spelmann

" 'go-to' peek wallet."
- Jeff McBride

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