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Steal by Jamie Daws video DOWNLOAD

Steal by Jamie Daws video DOWNLOAD

Please Note: The shop automatically adds a $5.00 charge for purchases less than $30.00. If you are just wanting to purchase this item, please contact me at or 832-724-3045 and I will invoice you so that you do not incurr the shipping charge.


After you have made your purchase, you will be emailed your account information to login and download your digital downloads. You can find your downloads on the My Downloads page. It may take up to 8 hours to receive your email (if I am asleep) but it usually takes less than a couple of hours to process.


Imagine if, unbeknown to your audience, you were able to magically conjure a huge window in the back of an ordinary, opaque envelope before healing it to ascertain your spectator's secret information.

This is what Steal is (only without the need for real magical powers).

Welcome to the next generation of window envelopes.

The envelope is completely examinable, can be held in your spectator's hands and really does contain their original billet.

You can even let them keep it!

No strange materials, no glue, no billet switching and no difficult moves. They can write anywhere on the billet and you'll still know their secrets. Every time.

In this download, spanning almost 1.5 hours, you will learn just how easy and quick this ingenious gimmick is to make. You will also learn in-depth handling techniques followed by three insanely powerful, hard-hitting mentalism routines that utilise the devious Steal principle.

Uniquely designed, direct and powerful mentalism.

Learn Jamie Daws' most impenetrable secret now

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