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Quartet by Mark Mason

Quartet by Mark Mason


The trick everyone is talking about QUARTET by Mark Mason

I have been working on this idea for several years, tweaking and re tweaking it. Finally, it's ready to go.

Two cards are removed from a small wallet. one has a red back and one a blue back. Both cards are folded into Quarters. NOTHING IS ADDED or STOLEN AWAY. You SIMPLY FOLD THE 2 SAME CARDS. The cards are placed behind your back and mixed around. The spectator is asked to guess which hand has the RED CARD and which has the BLUE CARD. Obviously, this is just a guess as both cards are hidden in the hands.

You offer to make this a lot easier, both folded cards are placed in the left hand. The red card is openly removed. Now there is no guess as they can see the red card. Without any cover the cards VISUALLY CHANGE PLACES. You really have to see this to believe your eyes.

You offer to repeat this a 2nd time. Now you openly remove the blue folded card. Once again, they change places.

Next you offer to show them how this works. The red card is removed. Leaving the blue folded card in the closed hand. the red card is simply touched on the back of the hand, the 2 cards instantly change places.

Now for the killer climax. You state obviously I cannot show you both cards at the same time. As this is said you show the 2 cards, the red in the right hand and the blue in the left hand. now it's impossible as they can see both cards. The hands never hide the cards or come together. Visually the 2 cards change places.

The 2 folded cards are shown on all sides. They are unfolded, shown back and front and put away in the wallet, all reset and ready for your next performance.

No flaps - no magnets or magnetic pieces. ONLY 2 CARDS. Nothing added or stolen away.


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