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Psychological Subtleties 1 (PS1) by Banachek

Psychological Subtleties 1 (PS1) by Banachek


"...Quite simply, if you have any interest in mentalism at all, you have to have this book." -Ian Rowland, The Magic Circular Magazine


Psychological Subtleties by Banachek Banachek, first came to national prominence as one of two teen-age "psychics" validated by the Parapsychology Department at Washington University as part of Randi's "Project Alpha" experiment. Since then he has been buried alive on national television, caught bullets in his teeth (using his own technique, which he has since shared with Penn & Teller) and become one of the most sought-after performers in the college and corporate arenas. In this long-awaited new book, Banachek reveals the true secrets of his success: psychological subtleties that transform "mental magic" into "psychic entertainment." Most of the effects require no advance preparation and may be performed at a moment's notice. Those who have Banachek's earlier monographs will not hesitate to add this to their libraries. 

From the introduction by Teller: "BANACHEK IS BRILLIANT at subtle deceptions. My partner Penn and I have repeatedly called upon his vast knowledge, diabolical ingenuity, and remarkable imagination, and have never been disappointed. This man has the goods, and now you do, too. But be careful. THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS BOOK. In the wrong hands, these subtle, deeply devious methods could be used to convince audiences that the performer is not an artist, but a supernatural being. .."

Pages: 212 - Hardbound with Dust Jacket

  • Jamie's Notes


    • Banachek is the author, what esle is there to say
    • Great information you will use
    • Contributions from some of the best minds in mentalism


    • So much information to absorb



    If you like to perform Mentalism, this book along with the others are must have in your library to read, read again and use for reference. This is a MUST HAVE item.

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