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Perfect Personality Readings by Paul Draper and Jamie Salinas

Perfect Personality Readings by Paul Draper and Jamie Salinas



Over 25 years ago, Paul Draper created a system to provide personality readings. With five simple questions, you will be able to provide an extremely accurate reading. Jamie Salinas fell in love with the system and adapted it to his style.

In this instructional video, you will learn Paul's original method as well as Jamie's adaptation. Everything is included as you will receive the instructional videos, sample readings, sample forms, editable forms for you to use along with tips for providing an accurate reading for your guests.

Luca Volpe - "A fantastic reading method very simple to do and very engaging. Perfect for walkaround and even online!"

Alan Arita - "Previously, I purchased your original presentation but I didn't pursue this type of entertainment. I really like the updated version and explanations. Looks like I'll be putting this to good use. Thanks again for sharing this presentation."

Mick Datitz - "Have only done it once so far, but it hit every step of the way. The person left feeling uplifted. It really works,and I am glad i took the plunge. I can’t wait to do it again. Worth every penny. Thank you."

Jan HellesøeIt - "Is very fun to do."

"Positives - This is a fully customizable easy to learn question and answer routine that will give you very beautiful personality readings. What are the negatives? I couldn't see any negatives at all!" - Magic Orthodoxy

  • Jamie's Notes


    • Easy to do.
    • Very accurate readings.
    • Perfect for teens and adults
    • Corporate friendly.
    • Use it as an add-on to your services


    • As one reviewer stated, there aren't any.
    • Yes I am biased.



    I really fell in love with Paul's creation and have adapted it for my use and my presentational style. You can do this at anytime. Paul and myself walk you through each step and provide you with many examples.

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