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ON TIME by Juan Pablo

ON TIME by Juan Pablo


Juan Pablo's new take on the hour prediction.

You have an image of a handless clock and ask someone form the audience to randomly choose an hour and minutes. You draw the hands with a marker on the clock, and immediately reveal that your prediction matches their selections! 

A revolutionary multiple-out system that will allow you to gave them a lot of options, and even let them change their minds... This will fool magicians, too! 

Really easy to perform. 

Instant reset. 

Use it as a quick opener, or in the middle of the show. 

You can perform it seriously or doing comedy. Includes a gag that you can use in the middle of the routine. 

It's a killer routine for the mental performer and it's also perfect for the magician who wants to add a strong touch of mental magic in his show.

  • Jamie's Notes


    • Packs small plays big
    • Easy to do
    • Great for family magic shows
    • Plays strong
    • Laminated card stock that should last a long time


    • I'm not a big fan of the working of the comedy prediction on the back but you can change it.
    • You may have to make a simple modification to make the reveals easier.
    • Does not include a dry erase marker.



    I was lucky enough to see a private lecture from Juan Pablo during the pandemic and this was one of the effects he did for us. I really liked it and did not know how it was done. I bought one and it did seem a little confusing at first but I uickly got the hang of it.

    This is great for family shows as you can talk about the fact the today's youth do not know how to tell time on an analog clock. The selections seem extremely fair. It has become an educational portion of my family shows with a nice kicker that fools the adults as well! It does not come with a dry erase marker so you will have to supply your own.

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