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Naked ESP (ZENER) by Michael Murray

Naked ESP (ZENER) by Michael Murray


MindFX is proud to announce the release of 'Naked ESP'. Realizing that my most favored ESP routines require little more than ten ESP cards, I set out to design a pocket friendly set of ESP cards that would build upon the foundations of my original 'Beyond ESP' deck. 

What I created was an all new marking system which not only allows the cards to be read whilst in a spread condition, but also allows you to instantly locate any symbol from within the spread. To ensure longevity of use, these cards have also been printed on 100% plastic card stock and come complete with their own custom designed tuck case. 

With this package you will also receive a PDF booklet which details two of the most astounding ESP routines that you will ever learn (this includes 'Sweet force of mine 2.0' by Peter Turner).

To help inspire your own creativity, I even supply several matching gaffed cards which will open a whole new world of ESP routining possibilities. Among these gaffs is an incredible new gimmick which we are especially proud of! 

  • Printed on 100% plastic. 
  • Wipe clean with cold water and a dry cloth (no fear of drink spillages). 
  • Perfect to carry in your pocket or wallet so that you are always ready to perform. 
  • Includes one complete set comprising of ten cards (two of each symbol). 
  • Includes two double faced cards, one double backed card, one card with all symbols printed upon it and one highly unique 50/50 card. 
  • The box also contains a small printed booklet which explains the diabolical marking system. 


Note: There are no routines included for the gaffed cards. These are included solely for the purpose of inspiring your creativity!

  • Jamie's Notes


    • Made of plastic so they will last a long time
    • Spread easily
    • Easy clean up
    • Marked just right so you don't have to strain while not having the markings looking obvious 
    • Very nice box carrying case


    • Does not include any routines




    I absolutely love these ESP cards. They look great, handle great and will last a long time being made out of plastic. The markings are subtle enough but allow you to quickly gain the information that you need. Do you perform any Mentalism? If so, these are a must have item.

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