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Mental Pictoria Red Back Deck

Mental Pictoria Red Back Deck


Three participants freely select cards from a pack of 30 simple symbols. The magician then proceeds to draw the images, sight unseen! No force, no questions, no assistants. A very mystifying miracle from the past! If you are familiar with other symbol-deck routines, you could adapt this deck to most of those methods and routines.

Reilly's Mental Pictoria deck first came out in the 1960's, and production on these decks ended in the 1980's. This is from old Wunderground stock, so it's in very good condition considering its age. There is a slight discoloration where a price sticker once was. 

The deck is bridge size, with red Fox Lake backs. The pictures are more like children's drawings or doodles, rather than scientific looking symbols. I think this gives the deck a very disarming and innocent feel. Includes original instructions.

The deck is not really gimmicked in any way, so you can also do some of your favorite card divinations that you would do with regular playing cards. When you do even a simple card trick with this deck, it takes on a new feel of mental magic.

  • Jamie's Notes


    • These are the original cards that started it all like the ABSee Deck
    • Brand New Stock Over Fifty Years Old
    • Stored in a climate controlled environment
    • Great look for "ESP Testing Cards"
    • Quick and easy to memorize the entire stack


    • Bridge sized cards
    • Only 30 sysmbols total



    I love these cards. I bought a set over 30 years ago and it took me about 2 days to become fully confident in the memorization of the stack. I still remeber the sysmbols to this day! I still have the original pack that I bought over 30 years ago.

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