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Magic and Mentalism Lecture Notes - Jamie Salinas

Magic and Mentalism Lecture Notes - Jamie Salinas



These notes are FREE for anyone attending my lecture in person or streaming. You will receive a code for the free notes at the lecture. If you do not have a code and did not attend my lecture live either in person or streaming, there is a $20.00 charge for the notes.



These notes include the following:


M and M Devination

Effect: Spectator selects a sealed bag of M&Ms from several. They shake the bag. The performer holds out their hand over the bag, then writes something down on a piece of paper and placed in full sight with the writing side down. The magician then tears open the bag and dumps out a small amount of M&Ms into the spectator’s hand. In this example, there are two red, one blue and three green M&Ms. The paper is turned over and written on the paper is: “2 Red, 1 Blue and 3 Green."


Making Mentalism More Than a Trick

Presenational tips on how to reveal information that has been secretly obtained.


Cold Reading

Simple techniques for cold reading.


The Bullet Catch


Effect: The magician talks about the history of magic and how there is one stunt that is considered the deadliest of all, The Bullet Catch. After explaining what it is and providing a brief history of it, the magician offers to perform the stunt for the audience. In a tongue and cheek manor, the magician pulls out an imaginary gun using the first finger and thumb in a gun shape.


The imaginary gun is handed to a member of the audience, a box of invisible bullets is introduced, and the spectator selects a bullet. The initials of the spectator are now carved onto the invisible bullet using an invisible pocket knife. The gun is loaded and pointed at the magician’s hand and is fired with the spectator exclaiming the word bang in a loud voice. The magician appears to catch the invisible bullet. When the magician opens their hand, there is now a real bullet in the hand, and it is engraved with the initials of the spectator.

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