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Joseph Dunninger Promo Photo Headshot

Joseph Dunninger Promo Photo Headshot

Please Note: There is only one photo available!


This is a great 8 x 10 promo shot that comes direct from Dunninger's daughter. It is ready to be framed.


November 29, 2023

Statement of Authenticity

Purchaser: Jamie Salinas


Be it known that the above referenced individual purchased the following items from KJK Antiques, LLC on November 19, 2023 as part of the Joseph Dunninger estate collection auction.


• 8x10 Joseph Dunninger Head Shot


KJK Antiques, LLC certifies and guarantees that these items are genuine and authentic property from the estate of Josephine Gimelson (nee Dunninger) which had previously belonged to her father, world renowned mentalist Joseph Dunninger. Authenticated by: Ken Kriete CEO KJK Antiques, LLC

    $125.00 Regular Price
    $75.00Sale Price
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