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Industrial Revelation by Jamie D. Grant

Industrial Revelation by Jamie D. Grant


Astound every audience with a mind-bending close-up illusion.

A quarter or knife is pushed through a playing card tuck box. This doesn't seem like that impressive of a feat until you open the box. Your audience won't believe their eyes when they see a solid steel block fall out instead of a deck of cards.

This is the type of moment that leaves people stunned. Their brains can't compute what happened. It's a true moment of magic that is incredibly easy to perform.

No complicated switches, steals, or sleight of hand are needed. The whole effect is basically self-working.

Industrial Revelation by Jamie D. Grant originally took the magic community by storm when it was first released. It was voted Trick of the Year and has since sold for extremely high prices on the secondary market after going out of production many years ago.

With Jamie's permission, Vanishing Inc. has worked hard to make this beloved effect available again in a new, improved version. Brush steel and a secure mechanism ensure this seamless gimmick can withstand audience inspection.

Whether you use it as a captivating opener or an attention-grabbing way of establishing credibility, Industrial Revelation is a practical and easy effect you'll perform for years to come.

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