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Duality Lite and Duality Pro

Duality Lite and Duality Pro

Please Note: Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link and a code for you to unlock the app. This is a manual process and can take up to eight hours to complete but usually happens within few hours.


Duality Lite

This is a simplified version of Duality PRO. It enables you to embed a randomly thought-of 2 digit number into a pre-recorded video, while it is playing. YES, with Duality Lite you speak from the mobile screen, asking the volunteer to think of a random number. Towards the end of your own video, the number thought of suddenly appears in the video. BOOOOOM!!!


For quick start, Duality Lite is equipped with generic videos, made by leading magicians worldwide, ready to perform.



  • The one-time set-up (per video) takes only 2-3 minutes.
  • It's always in your pocket. Perform anytime, Anywhere!
  • The video is totally customizable. Apply your creativity and suit your style.
  • Easy to set up - easier to perform.


Just like with Duality PRO – with Duality LITE  you can also make a HUGE SPLASH by projecting the video on a large screen, to generate an awesome stage attraction (with a special mode to project on screen).


Duality Pro

Would you believe that you can embed a free-thought number (or name, country, etc.) into a pre-recorded video, while it is playing?

YES, with Duality PRO on your mobile phone you can do exactly that!

You show your spectators a video of yourself (or an assistant or an animated character) on your mobile screen, and ask a volunteer to think of any number (or a word, name of a country, etc.). Towards the end of your own video, the item thought of suddenly appears - embedded in the video. BOOOOOM!!!


After the effect is over, you can share the video clip (not just a link, but the actual video) with the "prediction" over your favorite social media platforms, together with your contact details as well as FB page, Instagram or website.


  • The one-time set-up (per video) takes only a few minutes
  • It's always in your pocket, ready to perform
  • Perform anytime, anywhere!
  • The video is totally customizable. Apply your creativity and embellish it with your own style
  • Easy to set up – even easier to perform


Play it BIG. You can project the video on a large screen, to generate a great stage attraction (using a special mode that projects onto the screen).


Additional Advantages:

Optional Duality Transmitter $50.00 Extra

The Duality Transmitter is an extra application (for IOS or Android) through which you can transmit any kind of information (text, drawing, or picture) to the Duality Video Player while the video is playing. Use an assistant to do "the dirty work" for you -  leaving you totally free to perform.

D.Vir Mode

If you have thought of content before performing, you can input the data while you activate the app. Thus, you are free to perform and impress your audience, without even touching the phone.

Easy Mode

An extra user-friendly interface that enables you to set up a new video in just 2-3 minutes, by setting only 3 parameters.

Generic Videos

The app includes a few ready to perform videos prepared by leading magicians. Just learn the input method (1 minute) and you are ready to perform.


IP Rights

  • Both Duality versions (Pro and Lite) are based on our proprietary, Pat. Pending, technology.
  • All Intellectual Property of our products belongs to Yaniv Levy and Cobra Magic LTD.
  • TV rights are reserved - please contact us if you wish to perform any of our products in a TV format.
  • Jamie's Notes

    Take a look at a sample video for a spectator rolling a pair of invisible dice.



    • Fully customizable to create your own effects
    • Can be a reveal of numbers or words.
    • Always with you on your phone
    • Great reactions
    • You can share the prediction video with the speectator
    • Easily create your own videos
    • If you have an assistant, you can have them send the data to the app!


    • There is an extra cost for the Duality Remote app ($50.00)
    • You are currently limited to 99 selections or a two digit number
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