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CITRUS: The Next Generation (C2 - Small) by Nourdine

CITRUS: The Next Generation (C2 - Small) by Nourdine


Nourdine has put the French touch to this great classic of the « Bill in the Lemon" and created an ideal effect with « Citrus" whereby the spectator himself cuts the lemon in half and is flabbergasted to find his own signed bill inside. As we say in french « Genial »! The gimmick is wonderful, handcrafted, perfected over the years and takes this classic effect to the highest level! -Daniel Rhod, Reviewer


A SIGNED Bill in an Unprepared Lemon? Read on!!

Throughout the history of magic, we've seen countless methods for secretly inserting borrowed banknotes inside lemons, eggs, or various kinds of fruit nested together like Russian dolls. They've utilized prepared fruit, switched bills and torn corners to 'prove' that the bill remains the same, although your spectator cannot usually sign it.

All this, though, was before Nourdine created CITRUS: The Next Generation, a completely reliable and exceptionally practical gimmick for magicians of all ability levels. The gimmick can be reused ad infinitum and your spectator herself can open the lemon, orange, or kiwi only to discover her bill, which can be signed, inside. There's no need for any duplicates, and you can even place the piece of fruit on your table, in full view of your audience, before you make the bill disappear!

Each version sold separately:

C1 is for larger fruits like oranges or grapefruits.
C2 is for smaller fruits like lemons or limes.
K1 is for kiwi.


"Nourdine’s gimmick allows you to do any card or bill or prediction in any citrus, lemon, orange or kiwi, and is by far the most clever one I have ever seen... the result is a complete miracle, examinable under the closest scrutiny.... ideal for TV , or close-up, and stage of course... Combined with my intercessor, you can create incredible miracles... but, by itself, the citrus gimmick is a piece of Art, and so practical....a real gem...!!!" -Gaetan Bloom, Reviewer


"Just wanted to say I've bought and used the Citrus gimmick to close the lemons following my usual routine / load and it is absolutely brilliant! Fantastic product, super clean and easy too :)" -Nick Rushton, Reviewer


"Clearly, The best way to perform this classic effect in the world!" -Éric Antoine , Reviewer

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