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Cardiographic LITE BLACK CARD or RED CARD by Martin Lewis

Cardiographic LITE BLACK CARD or RED CARD by Martin Lewis


Cardiographic LITE packs all the power of its famous parent. Featured in David Copperfield's touring show, this is the trick that recently earned Jon Dorenbos a golden buzzer on America's Got Talent!

Effect: Spectator selects a card. Magician says he's drawn the card on a pad, and turns the pad around - it's an entire deck of cards! But not to worry - suddenly a drawing of the spectator's card magically rises from the drawing! You actually watch it rise - looks amazing! AND, the magician can tear out the page and hand it to the spectator as a souvenir!

Do you want to include this classic effect in your show, but it is either too expensive, or drawing is just not your strong suit? Take a look at Cardiographic LITE - things have changed!


  • No drawing skills required
  • 15-second reset
  • Letter size -- easily fits a briefcase or backpack
  • Includes thirty souvenir sheets


While this is an economy version, we have not skimped in the construction: LITE sports a heavyweight backboard, a tough washable rising page, and an oversized spiral for easy operation.

  • Jamie's Notes


    • Packs small plays HUGE
    • Quick Reset
    • Easy to Perform
    • If it's good enough for David Copperfield...
    • Great for adults and kids
    • Easy to get refills locally
    • The drawing is on plastic and looks just like paper


    • Cardstock cover.


    I bought this for my family magic shows after my good friend, Oscar Munoz, recommended it to me. I was surprised to see that this simple version played the same as the full version. The reset is a dream and I can go to my local office supply store and get the refills copied and punched for the pad!

    To make it last longer, I laminated the cardstock cover and it works great.

Black Card
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