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As It Stands (Martin Cox, Gene Protas)

As It Stands (Martin Cox, Gene Protas)

You get two plastic stands that can be used to hold/display a prediction or even your smartphone while recording videos.

The folding stands were designed to be used by mentalists and magicians to display predictions but also have a built-in card reveal.

One of the routines that is taught has a built-in sucker feature that makes audiences laugh before the surprise finish.


Comes with two 3D-printed stands (2.5”x4” folded, with different force cards), a cloth bag, two blank cards, and access to a video tutorial.


“As It Stands" was one of the best things I saw at Magic Live 2022. A prop with visual interest, lots of fun presentational moments, and a surprise finale! This is a fun, easy piece of close-up magical entertainment… Joe M. Turner


‘’As It Stands” is a great trick as well an indispensable utility item that every close-up magician will use… Dan Garrett


“As it stands” is the perfect addition to your performances as it is not only a great utility item, it also has a built in unexpected magic trick... Jamie Salinas


"As It Stands" is a solid card reveal that works either by itself or as the final phase of a multiple card reveal. It always astounds! Many people don't think that you manipulated the cards but instead you somehow changed the plastic stand to match their freely chosen card... Dal Sanders

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