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A Magician Among the Spirits by Houdini & Hooper (Kaufman)

A Magician Among the Spirits by Houdini & Hooper (Kaufman)


In 1924, Houdini's prized effort, A Magician Among the Spirits, was published. Much to his dismay, the editors at Harper & Brothers rearranged, rewrote, and above all cut out huge portions of the text. The original typed manuscript for A Magician Among the Spirits has survived in Milbourne Christopher's collection, unread except by a few people, for nearly half a century.

Now Richard Kaufman and Maurine Christopher are proud to release the original typed manuscript in facsimile, with handwritten corrections, in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

This 400-page oversized hardcover is adorned with the same sepia-toned, rare photograph of Houdini that accompanies the manuscript. Covered in black cloth and housed in a matching slipcase, it will be published in facsimile only once.

A huge book!

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