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WingsMagic Present Tempo Elf by Mental Tom

WingsMagic Present Tempo Elf by Mental Tom


Tempo Elf has extensively evaluated different versions.

After more than a year of continuous experimentation, the size of the motor has been successfully reduced to a minimum.

The entire unit now fits inside a standard bottle cap, providing a compact and portable design for discreet performances.

With Tempo Elf's single-thread motorized ITR system, you can effortlessly execute a variety of effects, including flipping book pages, moving cigarettes, manipulating and levitating small objects, rising cards, dancing scarves, and invisible touches.


Adaptability for everyday use:
The miniature size and built-in magnet allow for secure attachment to any performance surface, facilitating seamless execution of single-IT effects.

Quiet motor:
Tempo Elf features a specially designed hollow cup motor for complete silence when triggered.

Covert design:
The motor remains undetectable even when hidden inside a bottle cap placed on a spectator's hand, ensuring no vibration is felt.

Ultra-compact size:
Measuring approximately 18mm x 18mm, Tempo Elf can be easily hidden in various places, including a bottle cap.

Dual Mode Trigger:
The ergonomic remote control features dual programming, offering both rhythm and power modes for motor control.

Battery Life and Convenient Charging:
Despite its small size, the built-in battery provides up to 40 minutes of standby time and up to 20 minutes of continuous remote use. A USB Type-C port allows for convenient charging before every performance.

Remote control distance up to 5 meters:
Official tests confirm a remote control distance of 3 to 5 meters.

Durable Thread Reel:
Tempo Elf's ITR has been meticulously designed to reduce the likelihood of thread breakage by 90% compared to traditional ITRs. Specially designed accessories allow for quick recovery in case of thread breakage or tangling.

With its compact size and reliable performance, the Tempo Elf offers unparalleled portability and is the ideal choice for on-the-go performances. Unleash your creative inspiration anytime, anywhere with Tempo Elf.


  • The Tempo Elf prop
  • A remote control
  • A charging cable
  • Accessories used for:
    Attaching the prop and remote control
    Repairing the spool
    Changing the remote control battery
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