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The Crystal Billet Box LARGE by David Regal

The Crystal Billet Box LARGE by David Regal


David Regal's Crystal Billet Box is one of the most popular switching devices to be released in recent years. Items within the clear chest are switched even though the audience can see completely through the walls and lid of the box. And, at 8" x 5.5", it's exceptionally practical and portable - the perfect size for most private performing situations.

Some excited customers asked if it would be possible to produce a LARGER version of the box, one that maintained its extraordinary quality, aesthetic, and smooth one-hand operation. After a year of experimentation we are proud to present the LARGE Crystal Billet Box, with twice the capacity of the original.

By increasing the size to 10" x 7.5" the box can now hold approximately 40 billets as opposed to 20. And it is much more than a switching device. The LARGE Crystal Billet Box can be used to force, make items appear, disappear, and even be turned into a prediction chest. Playing cards, business cards, file cards, Post-Its, envelopes, hotel keys, receipts, credit cards, drivers licenses, pages of books... any flat item or group of items can be manipulated to serve the needs of countless routines.

The LARGE Crystal Billet Box is above all a quality device, one that you will use with pleasure and be proud to own. It comes complete with a gimmicked chest made from high-grade acrylic, custom bag, optional slotted lid, and industrial-sized rubber bands the performer can use to "secure" the box's contents (the gimmick will nevertheless do what it does).

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