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SansMinds Wallet - Hip Pocket Street Style

SansMinds Wallet - Hip Pocket Street Style


"After years of searching, I have finally found a thin gimmicked hip pocket wallet that I can use as an everyday wallet while still doing most of my favorite mentalism and Object to Wallet effects. " -Rolando Santos, Linking Ring Magazine


Everyone needs a wallet; that's why SansMinds created one that's thin, durable, and provides multiple functionalities.

The SansMinds wallet comes in a classic leather look with multiple pockets and a private compartment so you can easily keep things organized.

One Piece Street Style (4mm thin) for those on the go. It comes with a strap for easy access.

It is designed for you to carry your daily essentials without the extra clutter.

The wallet is also designed so that you can easily set up for:

  • No palm signed card to wallet
  • Devious peek
  • Borrowed object to wallet

Get your SansMinds Wallet now. This is the All In ONE wallet for the everyday magician.

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