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Pure Psychometry by Dee Christopher and The 1914

Pure Psychometry by Dee Christopher and The 1914


Dee Christopher is going to transform you into a mesmerising psychometrist (or so you will appear). You will be able to take hold of an object and not only describe its intricate visual details while blindfolded, but also be able to correctly identify who it belongs to without guesswork by apparently reading the personal energy stored deep within its atoms.

The psychometry act is one of the most powerful, engaging and truly interactive mentalism demonstrations that you can perform. Perfect for parlour, cabaret and stage.

So what happens in the act? Four identical velvet bags are handed out to members of the audience. Each participant places a personal item of their choosing inside a bag while the performer is blindfolded. The bags are collected and mixed. One by one, the mentalist proceeds to inexplicably reveal hidden details about each object and its owner before correctly identifying exactly which member of the audience it belongs to.

You will receive four beautifully crafted, specially gimmicked velvet bags with a matching blindfold to create class and congruence in your look and style. Everything you receive packs flat but plays huge. With Pure Psychometry in your case, you will always have a tantalising mystery to perform that will be completely different and fresh every single time.

After completing the 1.5 hours of instructional video, you'll have an entire knockout act ready to incorporate into your next show. You will learn how to "jazz" depending on the scenario, the items you receive from your audience and the time you have in your set. You will also learn five different variations and how to congruently interweave related effects to create even bigger impacts.

Psychometry is one of Dee Christopher's signature powers in his shows, and now it can be yours.

Make this esoteric power a reality today.

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