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Maxim (App & Online Instruction) by Lloyd Barnes - Digital Download

Maxim (App & Online Instruction) by Lloyd Barnes - Digital Download


"A lot of apps come and go with trends. Maxim lives on my homescreen. It's genius."
- Christian Grace

MAXIM is a covert app that instantly calculates and discreetly delivers to you the perfect hands-off reveal for any freely named card in a deck that's been mixed by the spectators.

You hand the spectator a deck. (in any stack of your choice).

They "shuffle" the deck under the table or behind their back whilst freely naming any card. Let's say the name the "King of Diamonds".

They bring the deck out and immediately you know up to three different ways that they can reveal their own card. For example; They deal down to the exact date of the month and their card is exactly there!

All without any brain work, math, no nothing. Allowing you to be fully engaged in your performance.

Any random card at any arbitrary number is more impressive to magicians than laymen. But when the number has meaning, whether it's counting to their birthday, spelling the card's name or even counting to the exact date of the year, the boring old ACAAN takes on new life, feels more personal and more importantly more magical.

The beauty of maxim, unlike most other apps, is that your phone is used in a covert way, and to the spectator has nothing to do with the trick.


  • Easy to do. Perfect for beginners.
  • You do not need to know any stack. There is zero memory work. No mental math at all.
  • Works in any language and can be fully customized.
  • Works with any stack in the world. Including a visual stack editor.
  • Every reveal can be fully customized.
  • Multiple input options.
  • Multiple peek options including notifications.
  • Customizable spectator profiles to take MAXIM to miracle status.


MAXIM is an app that lives on your phone. With you everywhere you go. Ready to perform at a moment's notice anywhere, anytime.

Never before has it been so easy, to perform such unexplainable miracles.

With MAXIM, now you can.

Available for Apple and Android.

  • Jamie's Notes


    • Easy to perform
    • Instructional video is very detailed to get you set-up
    • You always have your phone with you, you jut need a deck of cards
    • Use any stack
    • Happens in the spectator's hands
    • Your phone is not associated with the effect


    • I know you want to perform this right away but watch all of the instructional videos before you start
    • Not a fan of some of the built in reveals
    • You will need to didicate a stacked deck for the effect

    Over All

    Priced at just under $25.00 makes this a very good buy for the card and close-up worker. The magic seems to happen in the spectator's hands! There is a Facebook group so you will want to join that for the latest information about the app, ideas and tips.

    Pair this with a pack of DMC Elite cards and you are all set!

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