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Maverick by Dee Christopher and The 1914

Maverick by Dee Christopher and The 1914


Maverick is an everyday carry (EDC) pouch for the modern magician and mentalist.

Crafted inside and out from rugged and stylish X-Pac® VX21, Maverick has an expanding and compressing, heavy-duty zip and perfectly-sized pockets to carry close-up magic props in your back pocket or everyday rucksack.

X-Pac® VX21 is the same hard-wearing fabric used to create the sails on Olympic competition boats. This means it's built to LAST!

As magicians, we are constantly searching for smart and versatile pouches and wallets to organise the everyday tricks we perform. The problem with most generic pouches is they're designed for items that are either too big or too small for the things WE need to carry.

The Maverick pouch is big enough to contain a full deck of cards with room to spare, but still small enough to fit in most pockets. To give you an example of the items it can hold, here's a list of what sits comfortably in Dee Christopher's Maverick:

  • A stack of 30 billets for limitless mentalism
  • An Eclipse ESP deck to replicate classic psychic experiments
  • Three Tyvek envelopes for three dimensional telepathy
  • Nightmare Page, a one-page book test
  • Thy will be done, a free will routine with a mystical twist
  • A pendulum for dowsing thoughts
  • A fisher bullet space pen, ideal for writing on billets
  • A large coin for which hand routines

All of the above easily fits inside Dee's pouch with two pockets spare to slot in extra packet tricks! What will you carry in yours?

But Maverick isn't just for carrying. It also has magic features built right in:

  • Use the billet index to seemingly predict a stranger's star sign
  • Use the switch to appear to divine the serial number of a borrowed banknote
  • Use the load chamber to load cards, coins and predictions

A free, hour-long instructional video will guide you through all of the above and more. You will learn everything you need to know to make the most of your new favourite accessory.

Maverick is an essential item for all modern mystics, magicians and mentalists. You can now carry an entire close-up act everywhere you go for those moments when you are asked to perform. You will always be prepared.

Say goodbye to bulging pockets of awkwardly shaped props and playing cards. And say hello to Maverick.


  • Exterior material: X-PAC® VX-21 (black)
  • Interior material: X-PAC® VX-21 (white)
  • Dimensions: 12cm(L) x 10cm(W) x 2cm(D)
  • Capacity: 0.25L
  • Weight: 65g

"This is the perfect tool to store a full close up set ready to go and does even more! Once you will get it you will never leave home without it!"
- Luca Volpe

"This has instantly replaced my old 'non magic' EDC pouch!
Purpose built for us magic folk, it can hold SOOO much. Love it!"
- Steve Dela

"Pocket space is a premium for any working magician. With maverick I am able to carry a 45 minute parlour set and a full close up set with me at all times. Sleek enough to just sit in my pocket and durable enough to be thrown in my kit bag. I can't recommend maverick enough!"
- Alan Rorrison

"This is exactly what I needed! I can load this puppy up with a few essentials and just chuck it in my bag and walk/drive/fly anywhere and be ready to perform miracles. The fact it's got a few sneaky elements too means I'm always ready."
- Alexander Marsh

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